Audley Centre

Derby, Derbyshire

Canopy Removal and Fascias

Working on behalf of the Landlord, Carter Construction were appointed as the main contractor for the canopy removal & fascia rejuvenation works carried out at the Audley Centre in Derby. The works involved the demolition of existing structural canopies and installation of new white aluminium fascias.

Works were carried out over a two month period in extremely close proximity to the general public in a busy high street environment.

Provisions were made to ensure that traders were fully operational throughout the contract works and a stringent planning and programming period was put into place to ensure that a smooth and error free route to completion was achieved.

Bet Fred

Derby, Derbyshire

Shopping Unit

Construction of a new Shopping unit as an infill to an existing cut-through mall, on East Street in Derby City Centre.

Works involved isolating the adjacent shop units, forming new internal structural walls to form the new unit, a new shop front and all new utilities, drains, etc.

Walsall Wood Shopping Centre

Walsall, Birmingham

Enabling Works and Structural partitions

Enabling Works and Structural partitions to form 2 New Shop Units from an existing large unit.

Original Unit was a Kwik-Save supermarket, and we have split the main shop in 2 to provide new facilities for a Tesco Local, and a Factory Shop Outlet.

Works involved new Utility Supplies (Electric and water), re-formed drainage and communal areas.

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